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Passion Pursuit

I just finished a 10 week women’s study called Passion Pursuit. This is a Christian women’s study geared towards intimacy in marriage… you know, that thing a lot of us were taught we can’t talk about. The number one thing I learned was that God cares about intimacy, and the Bible even teaches on it! Whaaaaat?! you say? Yes, I know… I found it amazing too.

Over the course of 10 weeks, the women in our group worked toward the goal of becoming a “smoking hot mama”, as referred to many times in Song of Solomon. It’s been fun, painful, and enlightening- from a shameful past or painful memories, to body image issues, insecurity, and pride. As women, we all deal with something that gets in the way of fully enjoying intimacy. Or, I guess I should say “most”, because the goal of this study is to give those things to God and become a smokin’ hot mama not consumed by them!

I strongly recommend finding Authentic Intimacy via Facebook or Twitter (@authenticintimacy) and learn more about this study!

On a business trip today. I love staying in hotels for a night. So quiet, you can do whatever you want, and you don’t have to do a bunch of laundry as the result of how many towels you find convenient to use. So relaxing, which I need before a very full, demanding day tomorrow.

My dear friend Hannah made this salad for me on the fly one night this week… bet she didn’t know it’d become a repeat at my house! Whatever lettuce you prefer (I did romaine), blueberries, mandarin oranges, and Garlic Expressions dressing. Amazing.

P.S. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never had a mandarin orange before and I’m obsessed now.

Core Values

We had a treat this week at our Real Life Group.  Through church, they are offering to have “teachers” come to the groups and teach on a topic.  We chose to learn a book of the Bible- Hebrews no less.  ”Hebrews?!” you say? Yes, Hebrews, a small little book I’ve always deemed insignificant.  I have very, very (did I say very?) little Bible knowledge.  If it’s not Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Genesis, or Revelation- then I may or may not have heard of it once.  I didn’t exactly know how it’d go, but was open to it.  And, it was awesome!  Jim came out and did a wonderful job getting us started in the book.  He also opened our eyes to the book of Hebrews being important because when you dig into it, it’s like a summary of the entire Bible, giving a better scope of God’s word for us.  Jim is a great teacher and I’m impressed with how he helps us relate an ancient book to current thought processes.

Within our lesson, we had a talk about core values.  ”Do you know your core values?” he asked.  His are 4 Latin phrases that mean honor, courage, service, and carpe diem (the only Latin one I remember).  The honor struck me in particular, because his comment was that when you are showing someone honor, it’s always respected by others.  How hard is it to show honor to others?  It’s hard for me… not in all cases, but when I don’t think someone deserves my respect, it’s hard for me to show honor.  Anyway, his point was that knowing and understanding your core values is very important, because when you are confronted with something, you can always see if it aligns with your core values; and if it doesn’t, don’t act on it!  Jim was very open that it’s never too late to sit down and define your core values.  As you sit and think, main ideas should come to you to work from.  Is it honesty?  Is it loyalty?  Is it compassion?  What are your core values?  I challenge you to define them; I am anxious for what is revealed to me during this process!


Anyone else super overloaded and busy at work this week? It’s heavy! At the end of the day today, something helped bring a smile to my face…a compliment. Someone sent an email and simply said thanks for my hard work and that I was doing a good job. I will say that I try to encourage people when I can, but how often do we remember to do that? Have you said thank you lately, or given someone a compliment for their hard work? Pay it forward!!


Today was rough… really rough. So, I am forcing myself to find positivity to focus on! The best part of my day was undoubtedly that I treated myself to a venti Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte- my faaaavorite. I kind of knew I was getting into a big day, so I had to start it out right! But, my biggest excitement is having two week nights in a row with no plans. I have a fairly full schedule and sometimes it gets overwhelming. It was wonderful to come home yesterday, do the dishes in silence, and cozy up to my husband to watch The Voice. It’s a good reminder to me that there are times you need to make sure you leave yourself some time to relax during the week if possible. Often times we fill our days/evenings so full and don’t enjoy time either alone or with our spouse… I actually tried to schedule dates with two different girlfriends tonight before I realized how nice it’d be to enjoy some home time in light of a crazy week. I should probably work out… but i think I’ll enjoy a martini instead.


This weekend was pretty wonderful.  Saturday was filled with friendship.  Began the morning with a women’s study, then spent time baking, which in turn led to a surprise party for a good friend.  We had a blast, bowling the night away… well I didn’t bowl, because I don’t particularly like it and always hurt myself. Oh, right, negativity is not allowed here.  I’m learning! But, it was delightful to see so many of our friends enjoying time with each other and having fun!

Today, we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Wally Waffle, vegged for a while, then did a little shopping and had dinner at Piada.  Have you heard of Piada? It’s ah-mazing… like Chipotle, but with pasta. Glorious for a carb-loving freak like me!!  Then, we couldn’t pass up Menchies for dessert.  We seriously ate SO MUCH food today- like, it’s been 3 hours since my last bite of ice cream and this chic is still miserable.  But I don’t mean miserable in a complaining way… optimistically speaking, like I am full and loving it.  Anywho, we took the dog for a walk to continue the trend of trying to wean him off chewing up our belongings when we’re gone to tell us he needs attention, and he thoroughly enjoyed that.  We did not, as we were miserably full, but the bright side is we walked off about 1/20th (if that) of the calories we ate today- HA!

Life is full right now, and heavy.  A weekend of friends and good quality time was so, so needed.  Thank you, Jesus for this bright, sun-shiney day and a great weekend!

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